Amish Friendship Bread & Starter
Amish Friendship Bread & Starter

Something that some of you may already recognize is that by ingesting the right foods can have a substantial effect on your health. One of the foods you should be avoiding is any kind of foods you get at a fast food location. You will notice that the nutrition in these types of is non existent and the negative effects can be really bad. For this reason we are going to be going over the food items that you should be eating that will have a good effect on your health. amish friendship bread & starter.

One of the first sorts of foods you need to be eating plenty of, is various berries. The first thing you will find out about berries is just about any kind of berry has a lot of vitamin C. The majority of berries also have plenty of anti-oxidants, which is incredibly beneficial to your overall health and is especially good for your circulatory system. Another thing you will see that these antioxidants can help you with will be keeping your cells healthy, this can help your body to fight off a number of diseases. Amish Friendship Bread & Starter.

Amish Friendship Bread & Starter, Although most of you have been told again and again that vegetables are good for you, and there is a very good reason why. You may already realize that most of the vitamins you need everyday can be found in a variety of vegetables, but you will also be able to find necessary potassium in vegetables as well. You will notice that one of the veggies we are discussing is broccoli, which is loaded with potassium. Another thing you may want to try is the next time you make a salad try working with spinach instead of your traditional lettuce as you will realize that there are a lot more nutrients that can be found in those leaves.

Amish Friendship Bread & Starter While some of you love to have your snack foods, rather than reaching for the potato chips try getting some nuts. Almost all nuts will have a lot of protein and you can in addition find that many nuts and seeds will also provide your system with vital Omega-3 and Omega-6. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are known as essential fatty acids and they are essential mainly because your body uses these types of fatty acids to keep your hormone levels where they should be. One thing you may not recognize is that a variety of hormones that you need will only be able to be created when you have these kinds of fatty acids.

Now when it comes to the primary food items that you'll have for dinner, you may want to be certain that you're eating lots of fish, particularly salmon, and lean protein. The fact that salmon is also full of Omega-3 is just one of the reasons it is a good choice, but it also contains other necessary nutrients you will need. And whenever it comes to lean protein, you should remember that you only have to have about 3 ounces to get your daily requirements. It's also advisable to trim off any fats that you find on the particular meats that you plan to eat.

To initiate with this particular recipe, we must first prepare a few element. You can cook amish friendship bread & starter using 22 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

The ingredients needed to make Amish Friendship Bread & Starter:
  1. Take starter:
  2. Prepare 1 package(2 1/4 TSP) Active Dry Yeast
  3. Make ready 1/4 cup warm water (110°F)
  4. Prepare 1 cup granulated sugar
  5. Prepare 1 cup all-purpose flour
  6. Get 1 cup milk (non-fat is okay)
  7. Make ready feedings(2):
  8. Make ready 2 cups granulated sugar, divided
  9. Prepare 2 cups all-purpose flour, divided
  10. Get 2 cup milk, divided (non-fat is okay)
  11. Make ready for the bread:
  12. Prepare 1 & 1/4 TSP baking powder
  13. Take 1 TSP baking soda
  14. Get 1/2 TSP salt
  15. Make ready 2 TSP cinnamon, divided
  16. Get 2 cups all-purpose flour
  17. Prepare 1 cup Starter
  18. Make ready 2/3 cup oil
  19. Make ready 1 cup & 4 TSP sugar(4 tsp is for cinnamon topping)
  20. Take 3 eggs
  21. Prepare 1 TSP vanilla extract
  22. Make ready Optional: 1 cup of chocolate chips(or any other chip) or chopped nuts
Steps to invent Amish Friendship Bread & Starter:
  1. DAY 1: - 1. Make the starter: Stir yeast into warm water. Allow mix to sit for 10 minutes to fully "bloom" - 2. Whisk sugar & flour in a 2 qt container. Whisk in milk, and be sure to stir the corners well, so the flour doesn't clump and get stuck to the bottom. - 3. Stir yeast mixture into the flour mixture. Cover container & store on your counter.
  2. Days 2-4 : stir the mixture once per day
  3. Day 5: - - 1. Feed the mixture: Stir in 1 cup of each:; sugar, flour & milk into the starter. (To make this part easier, I just separated my sugar & flour in sandwich bags for both feedings & measured my milk as needed) Cover loosely & store back on the counter.
  4. Days 6-9: stir the mixture once per day
  5. Day 10: LAST FEEDING DAY - - 1. Feed the mixture: Stir 1 cup of each (sugar, flour & milk into starter). Cover loosely & store on the counter. - - 2. Remove 1 cup of the starter for yourself for the Amish friendship bread recipe. Then remove the remaining 3 cups to give to 3 friends with the recipe attached (or you can freeze the remaining starter in a sealed Ziploc bags for future use)
  6. FRIENDSHIP BREAD RECIPE: I took a screenshot of the recipe instructions, it wouldn't let me save the typed information.
  7. I garnished my Bread with a quick chocolate ganache, as well as adding butterscotch & chocolate chips to my batter. Soo yummy!!! 😋
  8. Also, a quick tip, so you don't lose track of your days : get an index card, tape it to your container & write the date you 1st prepared the starter & then list all the days after that: for example, I began my Starter on April 22nd, so this is how I did it: - - Day 1: 4/22/16 - Days 2-4: 4/23-4/25 Stir Mixture once per day - Day 5: 4/26 (Feed mixture one cup of each Flour, Sugar & Milk) - - And so on… That's how I was able to keep up with my dates, I know it's easy to lose track of the days, so I hope this helps..

Furthermore when it comes to having a dessert following your meals you should think about having various citrus fruits. All the nutrition in citrus fruit, including vitamin C, are also required for looking after your health. One desert that I have always liked is orange pieces combined together with shredded coconut and mixed together with a gentle honey dressing.

Following a number of the suggestions above you will find that you will end up living a healthier life. The pre packaged highly processed foods that you can discover in any store is also not good for you and alternatively you should be cooking fresh healthy foods.